Regular Services


09:00 Morning Prayer


18:00 Evening Contemplation


09:00 Said Mass


07:30 Said Mass
09:15 Said Mass and  Junior Church and Crèche (except Family Services)

First Sunday of most months

18:00 Choral Evensong (February - April, September - October). No Evensong in November (All Souls) or December (Advent) or January (Recess)
17:00 Choral Evensong (May - August)

Low Sundays

Please note that on Low Sundays, a single Said Mass at 08:30 replaces the two regular morning services. There is also no Evensong service if the first Sunday of the month should fall on a Low Sunday.

Low Sundays at Christ Church are normally the Sundays after Easter and Christmas.

Following us on FaceBook ( is also a good way of ensuring you are kept abreast of any out-of-the-ordinary events (eg: no service at Christ Church because we have an archdeaconry service for example).