Junior Church and Crèche

The Junior Church and Crèche at Christ Church Arcadia cater for younger members of our congregation.

The Junior Church runs concurrently with the 9:15 Choral Eucharist. Children are educated about the message of the Bible, as well as general Christian values and beliefs though class teaching and group activities.

The crèche cares for infants and toddlers not yet old enough to participate in the Junior Church.

All children are of course welcome to attend the Choral Eucharist service if that is their or their parents' wish. The junior church and crèche are not compulsory and are provided as an additional service, not meant to supersede the Eucharist.

For more information on the junior church and crèche, or to find out how you can become involved with these important parts of our mission, please contact the Parish Office, who will put you in contact with the parish councilor for Youth Ministry.