How can I get involved?

The effective functioning of a church relies on many different groups, all of whom play a role in Parish Life. Here are some of the Guilds and Societies you could join.

Altar servers:  Altar servers assist the clergy and lay minsters during the Eucharist, carrying out tasks such as carrying the cross to lead the process (crucifer), carrying the incense (thurifer and boat boy/girl), fetching and carrying items during the service, and ringing the altar bell. Any member of the congregation, young or old, is welcome to train as an altar server and to participate in this very special ministry. If you are keen to offer your time, efforts and talents here, please contact the Rector.

Choir:  Christ Church has an active choir, who help lead worship at the regular 09:15 Choral Eucharist, and at monthly Choral Evensong, and all major festivals. If you would like to offer your time and talents in this ministry, please contact the Choir Director.

Flower arrangers: Flowers enhance the beauty of our church, creating a place of contemplation and reflection. If you have a gift in this area, please contact the Parish Office.

Lay ministers: Lay ministers are ordinary members of congregation who have a calling to assist in the pastoral and liturgical ministries of the church, including during the Eucharist, through preaching, teaching, visiting, healing and intercession. If you feel called to this committed level of ministry, please contact the Rector.

Readers: Reading from the Scriptures during our services is an important part of the liturgy, the Ministry of the Word. Readers have a great responsibility to present the readings of the day clearly and thoughtfully. If you would like to be put onto the reader’s roster, contact the Parish Office.

Sacristans: Sacristans lay out the vestments and anything else needed for church services, such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, processional crosses, candles and torches. After services, they lovingly and reverently clean all the items used. They also make sure that the vestments, church furnishings, liturgical vessels and decorative objects are kept in good condition and, if necessary, sent for gilding or repair. If you feel called to minister in our church in this way, please contact the Rector so that training can be arranged.

Sidespeople / Welcoming team: Sidespeople are the first members of congregation a visitor or new member meets and as such are the “welcoming team”. They take on the practical tasks of handing out prayer books, hymn books and pew leaflets, as well as guiding congregants to their seats. They are also responsible for taking up the collection. If you would like to be put on the sidespeople’s roster, contact the Parish Office.

Junior Church:  Junior Church runs concurrently with the 09:15 Sunday Choral Eucharist. If you are willing to volunteer your services as a teacher for this ministry, please contact the Rector.

Tea team: The tea teams offer their services to prepare and serve tea, coffee and snacks for after the 09:15 Choral Eucharist, as well as organize cleaning up afterwards. If you are prepared to offer your services in this critical fellowship-enabling ministry, please contact the Parish Office.

Tumelong donations: There are white paper Tumelong bags at the West Door of the church - if you take one (or many!) and fill it with the requested goodies listed on the bag (see below), and return it to us, we will ensure it reaches the needy families (often child-headed households) via Tumelong, the Diocesan outreach program.

Bag contents:
2.5kg white mealie meal
410g peanut butter
500g white kidney beans
500g brown speckled beans
500g fat-free powdered milk
2 x 1kg samp
1kg sugar
500g salt
200g savoury soya mince

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