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Music for the Choral Mass at 09h15:

Communion Service: (William Mathias)
Offertory: When Jesus died (David Hurd)
Communion: Venite comedite (William Byrd)

Music for Evensong at 17h00:'

Introit 'O nata lux' (Thomas Tallis)
Preces and responses (Thomas Morley)
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (Thomas Causton)
Anthem 'Transfiguration' (George King)


09h15 Choral Mass on Sunday 1 July
The Canterbury Mass (Anthony Piccolo)
Offertory: Exaltabo te (Orlande de Lassus)
Communion: O for a closer walk (Ron Law)

17h00 Evensong

Introit: Prevent us, O Lord (William Byrd)
Preces and responses (Martin Neary)
Service: The Truro Service (Gabriel Jackson)
Anthem: Christe qui lux es et die (Willam Byrd)


Communion service (William Mathias)
Offertory: Christ the Lord hath risen (Medieval German, arr. G. R. Woodward)
Communion: While Christ lay dead (Havelock Nelson)


Christ Church is hosting the breakfast stall as usual.  Please come and support us!


Do join us for these services over the Easter weekend

Good Friday 30 March                  12h00        Good Friday devotions

Holy Saturday 31 March               19h00       Easter Eve and lighting of the new fire

Easter Sunday 1 April                     07h30       Said Mass

09h15       Choral Eucharist

The music will include
  1. Introit: Hear my prayer (Henry Purcell)
  2. Preces and responses (Richard Ayleward)
  3. Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (seventh and third tone) with fauxbourdons (George King)
  4. The Lamentation (Edward Bairstow)


  1. evensong

Music for the mass will include:

Canterbury Mass (Anthony Piccolo)
Offertory: Senex puerum portabat (Tomás Luis da Victoria)
Communion: Author Divine (David Higgins)

Choral Evensong for the Presentation in the Temple at 18h00

Introit: Hodie beata Virgine (William Byrd)
Preces and responses: Gabriel Jackson
Magnificat: 8th mode (1st ending)
Nunc dimittis: Phillip Moore, 3rd Service
Anthem: Senex puerum portabat (Tomás Luis da Victoria)

Music for Choral Eucharist on Sunday 21 January:

Communion Service (William Mathias)
Offertory: My eyes for beauty pine (Herbert Howells)
Communion: View me, Lord (Richard Lloyd)

On Sunday we welcome to our parish the Ven Fr Palo Thabane and his family.  The normal service times of 07h30 and 09h15 will return.

Please join us for these services to greet our new parish priest.