The church building was constructed in phases between 1906 and 1962.

The original completed building taken in to use in 1907, consisted only of the structure which now makes up the nave. A temporary altar was installed at the South end of the building, and the two small side doors which are still used for discrete entry during services served as the main entrances.

In 1941, the crossing and transepts, and a small apse were added to the North end of the church. This completed the building to the original design of Sir Herbert Baker.

In 1959 - 1962, with funds raised from parishioners and through public subscription, the building was expanded beyond its original design. A small lady chapel was added to the North of the West transept, and a clergy vestry to the North of the East transept. The original apse was replaced by a spacious sanctuary at the North end of the building, with nine newly commissioned stained glass windows.

In 1962, as part of the expansion of the church building, a new organ was also constructed above the East transept by South African Organ Builders Ltd. This instrument still serves Christ Church today. More information on the organ is available from our organ page.

The East Belfry, standing away from the building, was the final structural alteration, and was completed in 1981.